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Celebrate National Maintenance Week With Fantastic Window Cleaners


Property maintenance is the key to keeping your home in good condition for longer. As National Maintenance Week is just around the corner, we at Fantastic Window Cleaning decided to offer you an even greater bargain – 30% off of our gutter cleaning service!

Gutter maintenance is very important for your home. If your gutters are in bad condition they can cause serious damages to your property. Being that important, there is even a National Gutters Day on November 28th.

National Maintenance Week enters its 13th year this year and its main purpose is to make people aware of how crucial the maintenance of their homes is and to give some tips on how to take care of theirĀ properties. The event takes place at the end of November because the best time to give your home a full checkĀ is just before winter arrives. Blocked gutters and drains are the main reason for leaks, mould and damaged brickwork.

And regular maintenance is the key to a safe home!

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