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How to Clean Glass Windows at Home

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Cleaning the windows at home isn’t an easy task and it is really frustrating when the job is not even done properly. If no matter how hard you try there are visible traces after the clean maybe you just aren’t doing it right.

Why not try following these hacks we collected from our experienced Fantastic Window Cleaning team? This is a guide on how to clean glass windows properly.

How to Clean Glass Windows at Home

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  • Use a window cleaning squeegee to escape leaving streaks. Preferably with a smooth, rubber edge.Try drying a 1-inch spot on the top left corner and always start from there. Fewer streaks are done when you start on dry glass.
  • Use an antiseptic spray for the blinds. This will help keep them dust-free for a longer period. Just apply it after you’ve cleaned them.
  • Wash the window frames with bleach-detergent solution to avoid mildew. Just mix bleach with laundry detergent in a 2:1 proportion and add a sip of water. Use rubber gloves while cleaning.
  • Apply a coat of floor wax on your outside windowsills to keep them clean. They are exposed to the outside nature elements and get dirty easier. Protect them with a coat of clear floor wax.
  • Change your heating and cooling system’s filter. This is done only if your windows get dirty too fast. Modern homes tend to trap more dust and other participles than ever before and the filter’s job is to trap them. It should be changed every month or two or anytime when you can’t see light through it.
  • Use ammonia solution to avoid smoke stains. Nicotine film gets stuck to the windows if you smoke in the room. To keep them clean, just mix one cup of lemon scented ammonia in 2 gallons of water and use this for a cleaning solution.

A lot of people resolve to cleaning glass with vinegar, as vinegar has relatively the same pH level as ammonia. It can indeed be replaced, as long as you don’t mind the smell. But it will go away quickly, so you don’t have to worry.

How to Clean Glass Windows with Newspaper

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This is another effective way to clean your windows. Some old fold, including the grandma and grandpa of someone you know would have told you this long ago.

  • Get your materials. What you need is a few sheets of old newspaper and a cleaning solution.
  • Prepare your cleaning solution. You can use a commercial product from the store, but you can also make your own at home. You can use vinegar, club soda, or ammonia, whichever you find best. You can add just a teaspoon of liquid soap if you find some difficulty with streaks.
  • Spray or rub the solution on the glass. You can use a spray bottle, or a sponge. Wash everything from the glass to the panels.
  • Dry with the newspaper. Start rubbing the sheets of newspaper over the solution in long circular motions. It would take more time than with a squeegee, but the end result will be a perfectly transparent glass window most would mistake for not being there at all.

How to Clean Frosted Glass Windows

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Prevention is the best remedy, as they say, but as you know, it’s not so easy to prevent your windows to get frosted, when we consider nature is not always on our side.

  • Reduce the condensation. Low humidity and low temperatures are the first step you have to take in order to reduce the condensation in your home. Cooking, washing the dishes and showering increase the humidity levels and this leads to window condensation.
  • Always run the bathroom vents after bathing. This will reduce the humidity. Also, never let hot boiling water on the stove or in the bathroom because moisture on both of the window sides will freeze.
  • Use caulk. Apply caulk on the exterior of the windows. It will help fill in small cracks and holes where cold air comes from.
  • Avoid caulking the steam of the window where the window opens and shuts because you can accidentally seal the window and you won’t be able to open it.
  • Use weather stripping. Better choose the self-adhesive ones because they are easier and faster to use.

Knowing how to keep your windows clean and well maintained will undoubtedly increase the value of your property. Keep up the good work, or just rely on professionals.

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