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A logical extension of our professional window cleaning option, our service for conservatory cleaning in London is a great choice for all kinds of building extensions. We offer some of the lowest rates in the local area, and precision cleaning delivered by a trained and experienced team. At Fantastic Window Cleaners we're dedicated to making your life simpler, so with us, you get services that are streamlined and hassle-free, allowing you to get the cleaning you need when you need it in no more than five minutes! Here are some more benefits you get with us:

  • beautiful conservatory with clean windows24-hour a day customer support and service - change appointment times with only a little notice
  • A full range of appointment slots, allowing you to choose the best time for you with ease
  • Fully insured services from reliable and background-checked cleaners
  • Top of the range equipment always in use

All conservatory expert window cleaners we send use water-fed extension pole technology and purified water that allows them to use a natural drying process to achieve stunning results. We've cleaned every type, style, and shape of conservatory building and extension before, so with us, you'll be in safe hands. The fact that all teams are fully insured and experienced means you can always be confident that you've hired one of the most professional services in the local area.

Fantastic Window Cleaners - For the Perfect Glass Extension

With our professional conservatory cleaning services on your side, you'll be able to enjoy pleasant evenings with plenty of light shining in through the glass of your conservatory. As described above, your windows will be cleaned using water which we bring with us, and which is purified as part of our cleansing procedure. Purified water needs no harsh chemicals or additives to clean glass - it naturally attracts mineral deposits and dirt for easy removal. You'll see us use it to treat every corner of your conservatory, including sills, seals, frame, and panes of glass. For this process to work, we'll need a parking space within thirty meters of your property, as that's how long the hose from the water bowser on our vehicle reaches!

Areas Covered By Our Fantastic Window Cleaners

If you need a professional conservatory cleaning anywhere in London within or outside of M25, we are at your disposal 24/7. Just call us and we will make sure you get the best local window cleaners.

The Advantages of Using Our Conservatory Window Cleaners

Fantastic Window Cleaners VansCheck out our testimonials page now and you'll be able to see what our past customers have said after experiencing our conservatory cleaning services. We make sure that when you use us you have complete peace of mind and convenient services that you can count on to get the job done when you want it to get done.

In addition, we have a wide range of other services that you can benefit from - and ways to get big discounts when you book two or more of them at the same time! Get our help with either domestic window cleaning or mobile car wash service at the same time as we clean your conservatory and check out the savings you could make!

Book Professional Conservatory Cleaning in London

Call us on 020 3404 4163 now and get your free quote. There's no obligation to doing so, and you can also get the answers to any questions that you might have about the cleaning we provide when you're on the line. Our services cover the entirety of the London area, so wherever you're based, you can always count on us for a reliable service. Our lines stay open 24 hours a day, so feel free to get in touch with us at your convenience.

You can also get in touch with us here at Fantastic Window Cleaners by using our online contact form, or by having a live chat with an adviser through our chat facility at any time.

Window Cleaner Self-Check Process

Quality assurance begins with the self-check process conducted by all of our window cleaners. This simple procedure follows each job and is the most effective measure in the elimination of oversights and the potential for a callback. Each staff member goes back over their job and inspects his or her own work to ensure it's properly completed.

Supervision and Inspections

  • On-site support from managers or window cleaning supervisors
  • Regularly scheduled inspections from a supervisor or manager
  • Random unscheduled inspections by senior management to ensure our level of service is maintained.

We have a Continuing Commitment to:

  • Ensuring that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled, with the aim of achieving complete customer satisfaction
  • Communicating the importance of meeting customer needs and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements to everyone within the company
  • Establishing the Quality Policy and completing its objectives
  • Ensuring that Management Reviews set and monitor the quality objectives, and report on the Internal Audit results as a means of monitoring and measuring the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Guaranteeing the availability of resources
  • Copies of the Quality Policy are made available to all members of staff.

    September 2014