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Fantastic Window Cleaners also specialises in gutter cleaning in London. Sooner or later your property's gutters and downpipes accumulate all sorts of debris brought by the wind. Leaves, twigs, and even smaller branches find their way to the guttering system of the building. They can cause clogs if left not dealt with, which eventually may lead to water damage and swarming of insects.

Why Book Our Gutter Cleaning Service In London?

We operate throughout whole London. With our help you can be sure that your property won't suffer the consequences of blocked gutters and downpipes. In addition, our helpful service comes with many extra benefits. For instance:

professional cleaning gutters in London

  • It's suitable for all kinds of buildings (both residential and commercial);
  • Not-hourly based, the technicians will work until the job is finished thoroughly;
  • We inspect your guttering system carefully and give you professional advice;
  • Through regular cleaning you avoid the risks of damage to your property;
  • The cleaning procedure is eco-friendly, done without any detergents;
  • Flexible booking options are available (weekends and bank holidays included);
  • You get 1-month guarantee for gutter cleaning, and 6 months guarantee for repair jobs;
  • Regular discounts - book gutter cleaning together with conservatory window cleaning and save now
  • Every guttering service you book has a full insurance cover

How We Carry Out The Gutter Cleaning Service

When you need gutter maintenance for your property in London, simply give us a call on 020 3404 4163 and book a service for whenever it is most convenient for you. You can also contact us online through our simple booking form and instant chat. Soon a team of gutter cleaners will be on their way to carry out the service which is usually done in four main steps:

  • 1. Inspection – The complete functionality of your guttering system is very important for the well-being of your home. The specialists will take a closer look at it to determine if there's anything wrong.
  • 2. Cleaning – Then the operatives will proceed with the actual cleaning. It is performed with powerful wet vacuum cleaners that easily remove debris from gutters and downpipes. It's all done without a ladder since our machines have extendable poles.
  • 3. Reporting – When the cleaning procedure is finished, the cleaners will show you “before” and “after” pictures of your gutters. Our wet vacuum machines have small cameras attached at their ends so we can give you a graphic evidence that the work is finished.
  • 4. Consultation – Before the gutter cleaners leave your property, they will offer to give you some useful tips on how to avoid gutter problems and water damage.

We Also Offer Gutter Repairs In London!

expert London gutter cleaningIn addition, Fantastic Window Cleaners can help you with gutter repairs for your property in London. Every once in a while an element of the system can fail and that's when the troubles truly begin. The gutter experts we send will examine your place carefully and future out if there is anything wrong. In case there is, they can easily replace the faulty section of guttering. We've got the right skills and tools for the job.

Gutter Cleaning For Your Commercial Property!

That's right, you can book our helpful service for your place of business as well. We will work without disrupting the work routine at your place. Just give us a call or reach us online to book a service for a day of the week and time that suit you best.

Where In London Do We Clean Gutters? 

If you need gutter cleaning anywhere in London within or outside of M25, we are at your disposal 24/7. Just call us and we will make sure you get the best local guttering technicians.

Window Cleaner Self-Check Process

Quality assurance begins with the self-check process conducted by all of our window cleaners. This simple procedure follows each job and is the most effective measure in the elimination of oversights and the potential for a callback. Each staff member goes back over their job and inspects his or her own work to ensure it's properly completed.

Supervision and Inspections

  • On-site support from managers or window cleaning supervisors
  • Regularly scheduled inspections from a supervisor or manager
  • Random unscheduled inspections by senior management to ensure our level of service is maintained.

We have a Continuing Commitment to:

  • Ensuring that customer needs and expectations are determined and fulfilled, with the aim of achieving complete customer satisfaction
  • Communicating the importance of meeting customer needs and all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements to everyone within the company
  • Establishing the Quality Policy and completing its objectives
  • Ensuring that Management Reviews set and monitor the quality objectives, and report on the Internal Audit results as a means of monitoring and measuring the processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System
  • Guaranteeing the availability of resources
  • Copies of the Quality Policy are made available to all members of staff.

    September 2014